This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of singer-songwriter Brad Lauretti, who has spent the past 10 years playing shows all over the world. One night with Brad will run the gamut of all human emotions from humor, hedonism, activism and heartbreaking sadness. From Folk-rock anthems, to indie folk, flares of psychedelic, alt-country, to straight up storytelling you get it all in one song. Influenced by songwriters like John Prine, Billy Bragg, Kris Kristofferson, and Townes Van Zandt his timeless songs mix love, humor, and protest seamlessly to get you through the tough times.

Bradley has performed at Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, Folk Alliance International, Nordic Folk Alliance, Live at Heart, Magnolia Festival, Hickey Fest, Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, Gram Parsons Guitar Pull, End of the Road (UK), Reeperbahn, Incubate, Athfest, Clean Water Music Festival, Connection Festival, Sing Out Loud, Savannah Stopover, the Stetson Kennedy Foundation Literary Landmark Celebration, and in 2020 is a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting contest at Merlefest, and the winner of the Artsville Songwriting Contest. He is the founder of the Stetson Kennedy Songwriter Residency.

This Frontier Needs Heroes has released four albums This Frontier Needs Heroes, The Future, Hooky and Real Job.

He is currently working on a new album "Go With The Flow" with producer Johnny Irion.