"A captivating work of country/folk magic, sonically very reminiscent of the new Laurel Canyon sound associated with Jonathan Wilson and friends." -Lonesome Highway

"This Frontier Needs Heroes brings a Nashville flair to the Northeast, yet retains a rugged folksy charm in line with The Basement Tapes and John Prine." -Glide Magazine 

"This Frontier Needs Heroes’ song of longing for that heart’s ship that passed in the night. Lauretti’s songwriting instincts immediately draw you in to an all-too-familiar emotional space of yearning." -Americana Highways

"This Frontier Needs Heroes have been releasing music for over a decade and you can hear that lived-in feel in the playing and the maturity of the arrangement and sublime vocal melodies of singer-songwriter Brad Lauretti on this new song ‘South Dakota’. It’s a mix of gorgeous, folk-tinged vocals, the grit and electric twang of the guitar, combined with a sweet soul groove that Levon Helm would be proud of, that makes this such a great sound." -Post to Wire

"With the vocals raw and echoey, it opens with the title track, a laid back number about going where life takes you, inspired by floating downstream on tubes on North Florida’s freshwater springs and with a decided John Prine feel to it, fleshed-out by piano and bar-band guitar." -Folk Radio UK

"Vocally, the songs brings to mind the likes of troubadours such as Billy Bragg, but with a touch of rockabilly and doo wop thrown in for good measure. The video and lyrics speak to the kind of disfunctional relationships we’ve all experienced, and with Brad Lauretti at the helm we are given the feeling that everything will be A-OK in the end." -Glide Magazine

 “‘Free Market Music’ is dedicated to all the hard working musicians, and people of the world, who don’t always get paid what they should, but always show up to work,” Lauretti says. “That spirit is what makes America great!"-American Songwriter

"Inspired by the same fertile ground where Woody Guthrie once wrote, he penned some his most thoughtful, mature work to date– protest songs that react to the tense political climate in our nation today." -Elmore Magazine

"Traveling troubadour, Brad Lauretti, is back with a new album of irresistible tunes under his nom de plume, This Frontier Needs Heroes. Real Job is coming out October 14th, and sounds like a departure from older releases. He's tackling the real issues, from music theft to gun control. The first single from the record, titled "I Love Immigration" is about exactly that!" -Paste

"It's a toe-tapping delight that will surely have you singing along in no time; whether you want to or not!" -Paste


“My Heart Tells Me Yes” certainly calls for a thoughtful square dance, a jaunty set of keys bringing some light to Brad Lauretti’s melancholy Southern drawl. -Magnet Magazine

"No matter the room size, Lauretti always brings a mix of existential isolation and earnest indignation at the world’s injustices. If you’re worried that’s too “sad sack” for your patience, the lyrics often give a gently comic ribbing to the narrator as he acknowledges his own foibles. Be on the lookout for audience favorites “George Clooney“ and Lonely Swedish Girl.” 

 -Mercury Photo Bureau

"On their latest single, "I Love Immigration," the band uses the same kind of direct storytelling and honesty that artists like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger used to change the status quo regarding a number of social injustices. With its sights set on the currently charged political climate, the song embraces the idea that immigration is one of the great pillars on which America was built. Lauretti's homebrew melodies and folksy rhythms are used to hide the bitterness that has crept into the collective conversations of the past few months." -Notes from the Left of the Dial

"This Frontier Needs Heroes move from an Alt Country attack into a Folk Rock backing for their songs. Frontman Brad Lauretti keeps the angst in his words when he takes aim at gun control in “Colorado Camping Catastrophe." -The Alternate Root

"The spirit of Guthrie is clearly accessed on “Free Market Music.” It is a song about giving musicians their due, paying them what they are worth, and not taking their art for granted. The tune is catchy despite its more serious message. A message that gets at the heart of some prevalent issues in America. The gist, pay musicians (and all working people) what they are worth." -Showsigoto.com

 "This Frontier Needs Heroes are readying their new album, Real Job, which falls perfectly in line with the country genre, though I’m partial to the band’s brand of storytelling. For their latest single, they start off slowly with a story of smoking in Colorado before venturing off camping. As they move on, the pace is picked up by a rolling drum and extra musical accents to add depth to the lyrics of Brad Lauretti. For me, the attraction is two-fold, as I love the rambling attitude of the musicianship, but adore the friendly dictation from Lauretti (not to mention the alliteration in the song title)…like sitting around a camping campfire with a good old friend." -Austin Town Hall

  "However one listen to the album reveals a much more complex beast, an collection of beautifully arranged tunes that are topped off with meaningful and political lyrics that force you to think about the issues they deal with. As a fine example of this, ‘It Don't Make Sense’ sounds like a relaxed version of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ whilst the lyrics deal with current immigration policies and their lack of humanity, this theme re-inforced on ‘I love Immigration’ which deals with the hypocrisy often found in certain individuals and there attitude to immigrants. Dealing with the plight of musicians in the digital age, ‘Free Market Music’ tells a familiar tale of the consumer expecting music to cost nothing at all these days. Throughout the album, the wit and insight of the lyrics remains high, whilst the tunes hook you in with some great playing and melodies. If you are a fan of Country-Rock then this album is well worth exploring, the lyrics adding considerable bite to proceedings." -Terrascope UK
"This Frontier Needs Heroes have nailed it with this album. Don’t miss them. An old fashioned Americana protest band. Perfect for Now!" -Americana UK

"TFNH takes a tenacious yet tempered approach that occasionally recalls a slightly less combative Neil Young." -No Depression

"We're warning you now: You might fall in love with someone in the room during this band's set. So genuine, so commanding, so deceptively simple is TFNH's music that, before you know it, something inside you has shifted - suddenly your staring into someone else's eyes from across the bar." -Folio Weekly 

“Brooklyn band This Frontier Needs Heroes play this lovely track entitled "George Clooney," at Fusion headquarters in Miami. "George Clooney" - the song - is about the universality of loneliness, because, yes, even George Clooney - the actor and renown humanitarian - gets lonely.” -Fusion TV 

“[They] spangle heartfelt Americana with psychedelic brightness and lyrical levity.” - SPIN 

“Retaining their folk-intoned roots while expanding in terms of geography, personnel, and as evinced by the title track’s official video, a heightened cinematic quality.” STEREOGUM 

“Best of 2013” SPOTIFY 

“Arguably one of the best Americana discs released this year.” ABSOLUTE PUNK 

“a thoughtful, pretty piece of music.” CMT EDGE 

“achingly touching” FOR FOLKS SAKE 

“Current Favorites” BAEBLE MUSIC 

“wistful Americana sound” POP MATTERS 

“My Morning Download” WKPN THE KEY 

“Bandcamp Weekly: Vibes from the Tribe” BANDCAMP 

"washes over the listener in daydreaming waves of color and folk-rock romanticism." KDHX 

"achingly charming and surprisingly captivating all at the same time, and one who’s sweetly melancholic construction will leave your ears longing for more." STRIKER BILL 

“When people think of celebrities, they typically imagine the ugly information spread all over the tabloids; it’s rarely anything impressive. The inspiration for This Frontier Needs Heroes’ latest song, however, turns that stereotype on its head. Guitarist Brad Lauretti wrote “George Clooney” after realizing the actor’s passions beyond acting.” AMERICAN SONGWRITER 

"Young love, enjoy it while you can." SURVIVING THE GOLDEN AGE 

“Daily Download” LARGEHEARTED BOY 

“Video of the Day” MAD MACKERAL 

"Hooky has a hazy atmospheric exterior to cover the emotional nature of the song." 1146 MILES 

“alt-country ballad with dreamwave pathos and ethereal male/female harmonies.” SURVIVING THE GOLDEN AGE 

“showcases the purely reflexive ease with which the Lauretti siblings blend their casual musical camaraderie.”BEATS PER MINUTE 

“Brother and sister Brad and Jessica are a new-age Partridge Family band (except way better). The LP is a beautiful combination of delicate harmony mixed with foot-stomping folkiness and moaning slide guitars.” MAGNET MAGAZINE 

“somber ... laced with subtle humor. You almost hear a little bit of Mark Oliver Everett from the Eels in the cut.”MY OLD KENTUCKY BLOG 

“melancholy and perfect!”  RYAN’S SMASHING LIFE 

"intimate, heartfelt chamber-folk" WRUV 

“"It’s pretty awesome." BERKELEY PLACE 

“October Spotify Playlist of the Month.” MAIMED & TAIMED 

“October Playlist” SCIENTISTS OF SOUND 

"Sounds like: Wilco, Fleet Foxes and The Shins meet up in outer space to make the perfect country western & blues intergalactic road trip soundtrack." LAST WEEKS ALBUM 

“This Frontier Needs Heroes...lets the madness live with the songbirds and the black bears and he's submitted himself to the discipline of divine placement: if the madness is there, it's his and it was given to him by a higher authority. He shouldn't try to give it back and if he does, it might be at a high cost.” DAYTROTTER 

“Best new release of the week.” SOUNDCHECK WNYC 

“Somehow you believe a band a little more when its members are related, and especially with folk. It allows you to think they were both raised out in the wilderness and can simultaneously bust out a campfire jam and fashion a double overhand knot if you need one for your river raft.”  VICE MAGAZINE 

"Debut collection with somber grace and beauty... and immense promise." ITUNES 

“Their music ranges from simply arranged, heartbreaking ballads to raucous foot-tappers, complete with rambling electric guitar solos and handclaps... both call to mind vast and often desolate American landscapes.”NPR 

“This Frontier Needs Heroes is a brother-and-sister folk band from New York City, released their debut album this year and went on tour all over the country.”  CNN 

"With harmonies so tight they sound like they come from a single larynx, the act crafts a shuffling, aching Americana that taps deep into the whole back-porch vibe that folk music ought to exude—but not without a tinge of The Band and Will Oldham to help modernize it.” DECIDER.COM 

"Agreeably downbeat and mournful, indie-country-folk-grazed tunes." TIME OUT LONDON 

"This Frontier Needs Heroes quietly explode all of your notions about cheesy family bands." TIME OUT NEW YORK 

“Arresting local neofolk duo This Frontier Needs Heroes combines spare, literate songs in a Neil Young vein with hints of homegrown psychedelia.” TIME OUT NEW YORK 

"Crooning folksters...to wash away the hangover." END OF THE ROAD FESTIVAL 

“...We figured that we want to focus on getting our favourite bands first, no matter if they're headliners or tiny bands... even bands travelling all the way from America, such as This Frontier Needs Heroes, Motel Motel, Whispertown 2000 and of course The Low Anthem!” END OF THE ROAD FESTIVAL 

"Freak folk brother/sister duo This Frontier Needs Heroes" VILLAGE VOICE 

"Hopeful in the consciousness and sensibilities of a new generation—the band's name says it all." SPINEARTH.TV 

"Girl group vocals meet bearded, lo fi crooning" BAEBLE MUSIC 

Featured on: BBC 6, KEXP, WFMU, WXPN and others.